1.VRV IV REYQ-T heatpump with heat recovery, 3- pipe system 22-90kW (one unit)



  • Fully integrated solution with heat recovery for maximum efficiency
  • Covers all thermal needs of a building via a single point of contact: accurate temperature control, ventilation, hot water, air handling units and Biddle air curtains
  • “Free” heating and hot water through heat recovery
  • The perfect personal comfort for guests/tenants via simultaneous cooling and heating
  • Incorporates VRV IV standards & technologies such as
  • Variable Refrigerant temperature and continuous heating

›› Allows technical cooling
›› Widest range of BS boxes on the market

2. VRV IV RYYQ-T heatpump with continous heating, 2 pipe system 22-170kW (one unit)

›› Automatic refrigerant charge
›› Refrigerant containment check
›› Night quiet mode
›› Low noise function
›› Inverter compressors

3. VRV IV RXYQ-T without continuous heating (no comfort during defrost) 22-170 kW

4. VRV IV RWEYQ-T dry cooler /other heat generator  connectability.  Heatpump solution 28-63 kW

Daikin VRV Features:

Wide operation range

  • With the technical cooling function, the operation range in cooling of the heat recovery system is
    extended from -5°C to -20°C 1, making it perfect for integrating server rooms.
  • The VRV system can be installed practically anywhere.
    VRV air cooled outdoor units can cool between
    -20°C and +52°C outdoor ambient and can be used
    monovalent heating system between -25°C and
    Our geothermal water cooled units are not
    influenced by external conditions and can be
    operated in the most extreme climats.




– Continous heating

  • True/real continuous heating makes VRV IV the best alternative to
    traditional heating systems
  • Indoor comfort not affected either via the unique heat accumulating element or alternate defrost
  • For the VRV IV heat pump single models a unique heat-accumulating element is used. This
    element, based upon phase change materials, provides the energy to defrost the outdoor unit.
    The energy needed for defrosting is stored in the element during normal heating operation
  • On all our multi model combinations only 1 outdoor coil is defrosted at a time, ensuring
    continuous comfort during the whole process


Unique-heat-accumulating-element_tcm507-366960              pic_lightbox_heataccumulate2_tcm510-311179


– VRVIII-C (-25°C) where heating is priority without compromising on efficiency


Variable Refrigerant Temperature




  • The VRV air conditioning system is the world’s first individual air conditioning system with variable refrigerant flow control and was commercialised by Daikin in 1982. VRV is the trademark of Dakin Industries Ltd, which is derived from the technology we call “variable refrigerant volume”.
  • Variable refrigerant temperature
    ›› Customize your VRV for best seasonal efficiency & comfort
    ››Up to 28% higher seasonal efficiency (ESEER)
    ›› First weather dependent VRV
    ››No more cold draft by supply of high outblow temperatures

– New type compressor


– Refrigerant-cooled PCB


– 3 digit 7-segment display



– 4-side heat exchanger